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Acne Scarring

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Eliminating Acne Scars for Good

After teenage years, many people bear scars from previous acne. Some may even suffer active acne on top of this scarring. But everyone’s skin is different.

Acne scarring can appear on the face, chest, shoulders, or back as either discoloration in the place of previous acne; indentation of the skin; or a combination of both.

Because acne scarring is difficult to hide without makeup, and nearly impossible to remove through over-the-counter products alone, it can cause the skin to appear more dull and uneven.

Advanced medical aesthetic technology from Sciton now allows providers across the country to treat this scarring and help drastically and permanently improve patients’ complexions without downtime or discomfort.


Uneven healing of acne

Cystic Acne

Redness of skin


Often, acne scarring can only be improved with professional help.

Sciton has dedicated over a decade to researching and developing technology that can effectively target and treat both active acne and acne scarring for a variety of skin types and tones.

Recommended Treatments

Profractional® Laser

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By leaving surrounding tissue intact, ProFractional® can treat deep acne scars without excessive downtime.

HALO® Laser

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The HALO® Laser offers settings to specifically target and reduce the appearance of scar tissue anywhere on the face or body.


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ClearSilk® can be the perfect solution to address minor skin imperfections and boost skin revitalization.


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From mild acne scarring or deep surgical scars, ZoomScan® can dramatically smooth and improve the appearance of scar tissue anywhere on the face or body.

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The Science

In order to smooth the skin and reduce the appearance of mild, moderate, or severe indentations on the skin, an acne scar treatment must enlist the help of the body’s natural healing process.

Sciton technology offers your provider a variety of tools that go deep past the skin’s surface to target and treat imperfections in the skin for permanent results.

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Physicians across the country trust Sciton technology to treat patients with varying degrees of scar tissue. Find an acne scar treatment provider near you and take the first step to smooth skin, sooner.

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