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Aging, genetics, and other lifestyle factors can bring unwanted changes to the skin in the form of fine lines and wrinkles.

In addition, oftentimes patients with fine lines and wrinkles also experience discoloration and skin laxity. For those whose wrinkles are always prevalent, even when the face is relaxed, it can feel like there are limited options for covering or removing these imperfections.

Restoring your youthful glow—and looking as good on the outside as you feel on the inside—is easier than ever with Sciton technology.


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Natural Aging Process

When you’re ready to take your skin care to the next level and enhance the results of your at-home routine, visit a medical aesthetics provider employing Sciton technology.

Sciton has dedicated over a decade to researching and developing technology that can effectively target and treat fine lines and wrinkles in patients regardless of age, skin type, or tone.

Recommended Treatments

HALO™ Laser

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HALO™ targets a microscopic treatment zone to help build collagen in areas with fine lines or wrinkles, such as crow’s feet or nasolabial folds.


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ClearSilk® can be the perfect solution to address minor skin imperfections, like fine lines, and boost skin revitalization.


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Enhance collagen remodeling deep in the dermis for comprehensive and dramatic skin resurfacing results. ProFractional®’s Erbium technology minimizes everything from fine lines to deep wrinkles, as well as rough texture and pigment.

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Physicians across the country trust Sciton technology to treat patients with fine lines & wrinkles. Find a treatment provider near you and take the first step to smooth skin, sooner.

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