Jeremy Hutson
Area Sales Manager

C: 315-264-9176

Area: NY


Sciton Pro

This is the owners portal. You will find most everything you need here, from marketing collateral, to medical record forms like consent and instructions. To gain access you will need a login, which you can create using your account ID (which I can give you).

Sciton Store is where you go to purchase Halo adapters and diVa SQDs.

Sciton on Vimeo

Contains all kinds of downloadable videos – wiating room loops, training videos, webinars, and links for use on your website and on social media. 

Sciton’s Vimeo Channel

Suggested Treatment Pricing

Suggested treatment pricing as of 2020. This is midrange pricing. Higher cost areas like California, New York etc will be about 20 to 25% higher. PDF here

We want your Before-and-After photos!

If you have good before and after photos, we will buy them from you for up to $750 per set. In particular we are looking for pictures of Fitz IV, V, and VI patients. The patient has to sign the consent, the pictures have to be good, and you have to give us the settings. If you want help setting up a good photo space, let me know. Download the PDF form here (or on

 JOULE X Product Brochure

 Download the PDF here

Events & Training

Official Sciton In-Service

If you want an official training certificate, Sciton can send a clinical trainer to your office to do hands-on didactic and clinical training with your staff. Here is the form you will need to fill in to request a training: 

US Training FormCanada Training Form

Sciton BBL & Halo Training Videos

This video series is free for Sciton customers. Please log-in to and click on the Training Videos button near the bottom of the homepage.

Link to ScitonPro

Sciton’s Webinar Archive

Tons of webinars on various clinical and business topics. Complete list or Laser physics overview

Sciton Events

Sciton sponsors 150+ events a year all over the country. Each rep hosts 4-6 dinner talks and 1-2 weekend seminars per year. You can go to any event in any territory if you are willing to travel and there is space available. A complete listing can be found at the website in the Physician Resources section. 

Link here

Advanced Clinical Preceptorships

If you want training on advanced techniques, you can attend advanced clinical preceptorships. A listing is found on the website under physician resources. 

Link here.

Light / Tissue Physics Courses

Sciton sponsors Light and Tissue physics courses all over the country. They involve a nominal fee to a third party and come with either CEU or CME depending on the course. I recommend these for every new hire who will be performing treatments, or discussing treatments with patients. 

Link here

Clinical Questions

Have a clinical question, or need help with a situation? Call the main sciton number (650) 493-9155, tell them you have a clinical question, and they will connect you with our clinical team – they have years of experience.

The Clinical phone number is (650) 493-9155

User Summits

Sciton holds two user summits per year in the USA. They’re a fantastic opportunity to learn the lastest techniques and get business tips. Usually we have 300-500 attendees, making it the largest aesthetic device user meeting in the world! I recommend going once every two years. We also have a User Summit in Europe during the summer. 

Link here

BBL & BBL HERO Advanced Courses

Advance your knowledge and skill and learn specialized techniques in the use of BBL® and BBL HERO with Dr. Bitter’s Advanced Online Training Courses. Choose from the Master BBL Course or Advanced BBL HERO Course. 

Link here


Contact Service

Have a problem? Our service department is here to help. Call them immediately. To make things easier, have your serial number (printed on a sticker on the back of the laser) written down, and take screen shots of any error messages the laser gives you.

The Service phone number is (650) 543-8371.

Adding water to the JOULE

You might have to do this once a year. Make sure to use distilled water. This does not obviate the need for an annual maintenance visit, which also includes changing the filters, and cleaning and calibrating the system. PDF here