diVa - Laser Vaginal Therapy

Market Opportunity

The world’s first Hybrid Fractional Laser for the treatment of vaginal health.

Pre and postmenopausal women are looking for solutions. 25 million people agonize over urinary incontinence. Prevalence of incontinence in general population of females reported in 13 different studies.

Body changing events, Childbirth, Menopause US – Average age of menopause is 50.5 years, which suggests a target population of 53 million women according to the most recent U.S. census (2010). Most common age range at which women experience menopause is 48 to 55 years.

As an Investment

  • To achieve desired results, most patients are paying $2500 to $4500*. diVa typically takes less than 5 minutes and typically requires 3 treatments for optimal patient satisfaction.
  • Most practices need to treat less than 50 patients to capitalize on their investment. Most practices will have the ability to pay off their investment in 6 months!

*Procedure pricing range taken from community based website, RealSelf 2016


diVa and diVaTyte operate on the JOULE platform, the highest quality and most expandable platform presently on the market. When a practice purchases the system, it has invested in the future of its business. The JOULE offers the ability to add over a dozen in-demand applications to one system. It not only grows your practice, but grows WITH your practice.

Innovative and Reliable

Sciton, Inc. is an employee owned company, focused on quality and innovation. 95% of all Sciton systems ever built since 1997 are still in service.

diVa International