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Clinical evidence, including histology evidence, has demonstrated epithelial thickening and collagen remodeling of the lamina propria which leads to returning vaginal wall tissue to an improved state in both pre and post menopausal women.

Histological assessment showed evidence of an increase from a mean of 320 ± 26 μm to 434 ± 38 μm, Figure 1. At higher magnification, the Masson’s trichrome stained tissue, Figure 3, showed a change from loose, haphazard collagen before to denser, horizontal streaming collagen. Fibroblasts were more activated after treatment with larger nuclei and open chromatin, which would suggest increased tone of the vaginal wall. Vascularity was more notable with endothelial enlargement in the superficial lamina propria and small vessels appeared more stented open.

Histology: Before vs. 1 Month Post 3 Procedures

Referenced from the Evaluation of the Safety and Efficacy of Hybrid Fractional 2940 nm and 1470 nm Lasers for Treatment of Vaginal Tissue: Pilot Study of John J. Peet, MD, FACOG.

Click here to read Dr. Johnny Peet’s full paper.

Figure 1. Hematoxylin and eosin (H&E): Epithelial layer thickened over 36%.

Figure 3. Trichrome Stain (right): Collagen more dense with horizontal streaming. Fibroblasts more dense and activated with open chromatin, larger nuclei. Vascularity more notable.


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