Treat 10 toes in 20 minutes — and increase the growth of clear nails


Product Overview

ClearSense is a 1064 nm laser module and handpiece for the non-invasive treatment of onychomycosis. Nail fungus is very common, but patients face undesirable treatment options such as topical antifungal creams, which often cannot penetrate the nail adequately to eradicate fungus, or oral antifungals, which are often hepatoxic.

ClearSense is a compelling alternative: It’s a fast, non-toxic, safe and effective way to remove fungus and facilitate the growth of clear nails — with no patient downtime. It can also be used to treat warts and other dermatologic conditions.

Science & Technology

The 1064 nm laser wavelength effectively penetrates the nail and the nail bed to the right depth, applying heat to eradicate dermatophytes and facilitate the growth of clear nails. And since the ClearSense technology delivers high power and a high repetition rate, the treatment is fast, taking just 15 to 20 minutes.

Moreover, the ClearSense handpiece has integrated, real-time temperature sensing at a range of 32-48°C. That means you can use instant feedback — both audible and visible — to know when you’ve reached the optimum temperature for clinical efficacy and patient comfort. For even more safety, the handpiece will alert you to prevent overheating that can cause blisters; this feature is especially important for diabetics and other patients who have compromised sensation.

There is no visual change immediately following treatment, as it takes several months for a clear nail to grow out. Most nail infections improve after one treatment, while more severe infections can require up to four treatments.

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A. Jay Burns, MD
Dallas, TX

"I used CO2 from 1995 until 2000. Then I switched to Sciton’s dual mode erbium and I have stayed with it ever since. I have been much happier with the Sciton laser than anything I’ve ever done with CO2..." Continue Reading