Sciton Announces Collaboration with Michelson Diagnostics Ltd. To Develop Oct Image-Guided Laser Applications

PALO ALTO, Calif.Nov. 1, 2017 — Sciton®, a leading manufacturer of high-quality laser and light systems in the aesthetic and medical market, announced its strategic partnership with Michelson Diagnostics Ltd. (MDL), a United Kingdom based company, to offer new levels of personalized skin diagnosis and treatments.

“Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) is a marvelous diagnostic imaging technology,” says Jon Holmes, CEO of MDL. “It sees into the skin deeper than one millimeter with a resolution of fewer than 10 microns. Skin sub-layers, sub-structures, and morphology, as well as capillary blood flows are accurately recognized for decision making. We are excited that our FDA-approved VivoSight OCT system partners with a skin therapy powerhouse like Sciton.”

“VivoSight OCT integrates well into our product portfolio,” remarks Dan Negus, President of Sciton. “Our laser and light brands like Halo, Contour TRL, ProFractional, and BBL should be even more effective, as we collaborate on introducing a very new imaging capability to the market with unique vision into important structures within the skin. While VivoSight can be used for precision diagnostics alone, we are especially interested to inform distinct OCT image-guided laser applications that benefit our customers by benefiting their patients.”

Jill Waibel, MD, a leading dermatologist and medical director of the Miami Dermatology and Laser Institute mentions that “OCT will be the greatest addition to the laser clinician’s armamentarium against scars since fractional ablative lasers. The depth of the scar can be accurately visualized and treatment can be tailored accordingly. As OCT also clearly images blood vessel size and location, stubborn vascular lesions are characterized better for better clearance results.  More accurate documentation of the therapy and healing progress is further enabled.”

“You cannot take this device away from me anymore,” states Jason Pozner, MD, a plastic surgeon from Boca Raton, FL.“VivoSight’s real time, intraoperative diagnosis helps me to manage risk and uncertainty. As I routinely use the Sciton Contour Er:YAG laser for deep perioral resurfacing, often beyond 600 – 700 microns, with VivoSight I know on the spot whether I can go even further in case of stubborn pathology. This allows me to offer more assertive personalized treatments and the patient is willing to pay more for this enhanced treatment. The scans also allow me to communicate more effectively with patients.”

Whereas OCT is well established in Ophthalmology, its impact for aesthetic and dermatologic surgery and skin cancer applications is nascent and is being developed on the cutting edge. “We’re just starting to scratch the surface and are excited about the opportunity which may also lead to many off-face applications,” continues Dan Negus. “More automation, standardization, and control will help lower the learning curve for new practitioners while experts explore new frontiers. The emerging insights strengthen our market position that ‘Sciton Owns Skin.’ Better data will inevitably lead to better, personalized results.”

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