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Meet ForeverBare BBL

What it is

Permanent hair reduction with in-motion technology

Sciton’s light-based laser hair reduction treatment with in-motion technology ensures consistent and thorough results every time—minimizing missed areas that may occur with traditional hair removal devices.

The device’s intuitive interface allows providers to choose the appropriate skin type and hair follicle size for preset “safe start” parameters. Integrated safety features like large spot sizes and an enhanced cooling sapphire chill tip ensure patients’ comfort during and after treatment.

Powerful Cooling & Single-Degree Adjustability

Re-engineered cooling enables constant motion treatments without allowing the crystal temperature to fluctuate, which produces better, more consistent results.

Quick-Change Spot Size Adaptors

Quickly change spot sizes with magnetic gold adaptors that instantly adjust for comfortable treatment of both small and highly contoured areas.

Dual Flashlamp Technology

BBL® HERO™ offers extended lamp life via a dual flashlamp system. This reduces maintenance requirements and increases the reliability of your handpiece for better long-term ROI.

The Science Behind BBL


BBL delivers a gentle wavelength to target the pigment within the hair shaft while leaving the surrounding tissue unharmed.

The in-motion technology, large spot size, and enhanced cooling sapphire chill tip make Forever Bare BBL a fast, comfortable, and efficacious treatment for skin types I-V.

How it Works

01. Overview

Unlike traditional laser hair removal, Forever BARE BBL sends multiple, lower-fluency pulses at a high repetition rate for a quicker, more effective treatment.

02. Multi-Pass Approach

BBL’s motion technology allows for even heating of hair follicles and minimizes missed areas that occur with traditional hair removal devices.

Simply choose the appropriate skin type and hair follicle size, and Forever BARE BBL will provide you with preset “safe start” parameters.

Treatable Areas

Forever BARE BBL treats all skin types, anywhere on the face and body.









What It Treats

Forever BARE BBL reduces unwanted or excess hair.

Hair on body

Excess Hair

What Patients Can Expect


In 3-6 treatments, most patients can expect a significant reduction in the appearance of facial or body hair, with additional maintenance treatments offering a continued reduction in hair over time.

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Reduce unwanted hair with Forever BARE BBL by Sciton.

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Introducing Forever Bare BBL

Before & After

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4 months post 3 Forever BARE BBL™ treatments

Courtesy of Elizabeth Hagberg, MD

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6 months post 3 Forever BARE BBL™ treatments

Courtesy of Sciton, Inc.

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