Season 3 of LaserChat is HERE – filmed LIVE in front of a Rockstar Experience audience!



Discover highlights from LaserChat Seasons 1 & 2 and watch Season 3 Episode 1 on YouTube.


S:1 E:1 – Acne Scar Treatment by Sciton

Halo or ProFractional — which is the device of choice for this patient? Erin Hennessey, DNP, explains her emerging go-to method to Kathy Taranto, CLT.


S:1 E:1 – Lip Tips & Tricks by Sciton

What is Kathy Taranto’s quick tip for getting close to the lips with the latest advancement in Halo?


S:1 E:2 – Combination Treatments by Sciton

What’s better than the power of one Sciton treatment? ScitonStaX™! Dr. Jason Pozner and Dr. Patrick Bitter, Jr. discuss tailored combination treatments for optimal results.


S:1 E:2 – Fine Tuning the Art of Resurfacing by Sciton

Have you ever read your patient’s face and came up with a tailored solution? Dr. Jason Pozner discusses how “using the Sciton JouleX platform is a little like cooking.” Find out his secret recipes.


S:1 E:2 – BBL Pre or Post Surgery? by Sciton

When is the right time to address skin texture with BBL? Dr. Patrick Bitter, Jr. and Dr. Jason Pozner weigh in from their different viewpoints.


S:1 E:3 – A Resurfacing Renaissance by Sciton

If a patient came to you with NO limitations, what would you do? Dr. Jay Burns shares a case with Dr. Jill Waibel, filled with unlimited possibilites.


S:1 E:3 – Skin Health and Skin Beauty by Sciton

What is Dr. Burns’ “island technique”? Find out how to give your patients an even glow while addressing particular regions of the face.


S:2 E:1 – Halo and BBL Combination Treatment by Sciton

How would Dr. Sheriff Ibrahim combine Halo and BBL? Listen in for his technique and join the conversation with Dr. Elizabeth Tanzi.


S:2 E:1 – The Ease of Moxi by Sciton

What’s surprising to even the most seasoned laser experts, Dr. Elizabeth Tanzi and Sr. Sheriff Ibrahim? The ease of Moxi and how pleased patients keep coming back for more!


S:2 E:2 – Addressing Rhytids Around The Eyes by Sciton

Can you guess what single solution Dr. Kian Karimi reveals to Dr. Joel Cohen for these tricky rhytids around the eyes?


S:2 E:2 – Skin Luminosity by Sciton

When Dr. Joel Coehn is looking to address sun damage and create an overall skin glow, which Sciton solution does he turn to?


S:2 E:3 – Maintaining the Appearance of Melasma by Sciton

Check out the audible “WOW” from Tammi Schue, DNP, DCNP, FNP-C when Erin Blackwell, LE, CLT shows the impressive melasma maintenance results a single Halo treatment provided her patient.

Season 3 Ep: 1 and past episodes available on Sciton’s YouTube Channel

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