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The New Standard in Pulsed-Light Technology


Sciton’s Intelligent Control Pulsed-Light Technology

What it is

The World’s Smartest Pulsed-Light Device

Meet BBL® HEROic™, Sciton’s breakthrough pulsed light device featuring proprietary Intelligent Control (IC) and Skin Positioning System(SPS) technology.

Sciton’s BBL HEROic redefines the landscape of pulsed light technology with groundbreaking IC and the exclusive SPS. Effortlessly deliver consistent treatments without guesswork – and ensure staff of all experience levels achieve optimal results for every patient.

Delegate Treatments

Never worry about delegating treatments again. HEROic enables your staff to deliver consistent, quality results.

Streamline Training

Flatten the learning curve for new providers and enhance the efficiency of more experienced ones. Reduce time from delivery to profitability.

Perform Efficient Full-Body Treatments

Treat large areas like the back, arms, and legs in minutes.

Optimize Scheduling

Improved patient flow, resulting from consistent and predictable treatment times, drives substantial overhead savings and revenue growth to your practice.

Stack Synergistic Treatments

Combine HEROic with other ScitonStaX™ treatments, such as MOXI™ and HALO®, for superior patient outcomes.

Retain Patients

Boost patient loyalty and satisfaction through a comprehensive treatment approach that offers shorter treatment times, minimal downtime, increased comfort, and reduced stress.

Skin Positioning System (SPS)

The integrated motion-tracking sensor, or SPS, provides real-time, 3D spatial data on the handpiece’s position and orientation. It adeptly tracks the provider’s speed while moving slowly or accelerating, enhancing treatment accuracy.

Intelligent Control (IC)

The IC serves as the “brain,” processing spatial data to achieve automated pulse placement. It adjusts to variations in handpiece movement, speed, rotation, and patient curvature without any effort from the provider.

Autodynamic Pulsing™

HEROic is the first device in aesthetics with Autodynamic Pulsing™, a fully automated pulse delivery system. Say goodbye to uneven treatments, stripes, gaps, or guesstimating the proper alignment of pulses. HEROic’s Autodynamic Pulsing promotes precision accuracy, facilitating consistent, uniform, and reliable treatments on both flat and curved surfaces.

Six Degrees of Freedom

HEROic utilizes advanced technology within the SPS to accurately analyze, measure, and compute the handpiece’s translational orientation across six axes: X-axis (forward/backward), Y-axis (left/right), Z-axis (up/down), as well as rotational Roll (tilting side-to-side on the X-axis), Pitch (tilting side-to-side on the Y-axis), and Yaw (turning left/right on the Z-axis). This replicates the different angles and movement of the handpiece during treatment.


Quick Change Smart Filters

BBL HEROic addresses a multitude of skin conditions with a single handpiece. Easily swap any of the nine wavelength filters to address your patient’s skin concerns.

With the addition of the 532+ BBL filter, you can refine and adapt each HEROic treatment to achieve optimal results.

Finesse Spot Adapters

Quickly and easily change spot sizes with proprietary finesse adapters, which can be swapped anytime to provide a customized treatment for every patient.

Additionally, the 532+ BBL narrow-band filter, combined with the 3 mm conical adapter, precisely targets small vascular indications, such as telangiectasia, poikiloderma, and cherry angiomas, as well as low contrast recalcitrant pigmented lesions, such as seborrheic keratoses.

Why HEROic?

The Evolution of Sciton’s BroadBand Light® (BBL®) Technology

1990: Intense Pulsed Light

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology emerged in the mid-1990s, addressing pigmentation and vascular conditions.

2004: BroadBand Light (BBL)

Since 2004, Sciton has led the way with the development of proprietary BroadBand Light (BBL) photorejuvenation technology that effectively addresses not only pigmentation and vascular concerns but also acne, permanent hair reduction, skin firming, and improving the appearance of aging skin.

2020: BBL® HERO™ (High Energy Rapid Output)

In 2020, Sciton set a new benchmark with the launch of BBL HERO (High Energy Rapid Output). HERO represented a significant advancement in performance, enhanced cooling, peak power, and speed. It proved to be up to 9X faster than other IPL devices when considering fluences, spot sizes, and repetition rates, making it the fastest, safest, and most versatile pulsed light technology at that time.

2024: BBL HEROic (HERO with Intelligent Control) Next Generation with Smart Technology 

The solution to performing optimal treatments was the creation of the world’s first smart pulsed light device, BBL HEROic, available on Sciton’s JOULE® and mJOULE™ platforms. Utilizing next-generation functionalities, HEROic ensures seamless treatment experiences and drives practice growth. This focus
on innovation promotes superior outcomes, elevates patient satisfaction, and fosters practice success.

Features & Benefits

01. Overview

BBL HEROic‘s advanced automated intelligence enables clinicians of all experience levels to deliver consistent, reliable, and exceptional treatments for every patient.


02. Intuitive Software

HEROic’s intuitive, well-designed interface enhances overall provider satisfaction. Its condition-driven safe start settings ensure the provider’s experience is seamless with easy-to-understand navigation. The efficient interactions reduce time and effort, allowing focus on the treatment and patient.

03. Configure Your HEROic Handpiece With Multiple Treatment Applications

Deliver powerful results and address a wide range of skin concerns with BBL HEROic‘s treatment modalities:

532+™ BBL® Filter: This unique narrow-bandpass filter, ranging from 500 nm to 650 nm, addresses the small thready vessels around the nose and targets low-contrast, recalcitrant pigmented lesions without impacting adjoining areas.

Forever Clear BBL®: Effectively addressing acne without the side effects of pharmaceuticals, Forever Clear BBL uses blue light to target acne bacteria and yellow light to reduce active inflammatory acne. The treatment helps prevent new breakouts and minimizes the appearance of scars, providing a comprehensive solution for clear and healthy skin.

Forever BARE BBL®: With advanced motion technology and large spot sizes, Forever BARE delivers a swift and comfortable hair reduction treatment.

SkinTyte™: A unique feature of the BBL HEROic system, SkinTyte is a continuous pulsing mode of infrared light that deeply heats dermal collagen to initiate the body’s natural healing process. This modality remarkably improves the appearance of skin laxity on the face, neck, and body to a degree previously unseen with IPL. SkinTyte can be used to treat all skin types, including skin types V and VI.

04. A Comprehensive Solution for Diverse Skin Challenges

BBL HEROic‘s treatment brands address an extensive range of skin concerns, from the appearance of aging skin to hair removal, acne, and more:

  • Benign pigmented lesions, dyschromia, and age/sunspots
  • Vascular lesions, rosacea, cherry angiomas, and telangiectasias
  • Mild to moderate pustular inflammatory acne vulgaris and associated redness
  • Hair removal
  • Suitable for skin types I-V

Treatable Areas

BBL HEROic treats most skin types anywhere on the body.









What It Treats

BBL HEROic addresses a variety of common skin conditions.

Signs of Aging

Small Vessels

Active Acne

Active Acne

Hair on body

Excess Hair

Belly Skin Laxity

Loose or Sagging Skin

What Providers Can Expect


HEROic leads the industry with its half-joule (0.5j/cm2) parameter increments for enhancing tunable delivery of energy for each treatment.

With HEROic, you can offer patients a faster-than-standard treatment with superior outcomes, including visibly clearer and smoother skin with reduced pigment and vascularity. 

Unlock the advantages of HEROic’s advanced technology for your practice:

• Worry-free operation with NEW handpiece pulse program
• CoolComfort™ technology for enhanced patient comfort
• Versatile range of treatment options
• User-friendly features including single handpiece, quick change Smart Filters™, Finesse Spot Adapters™, and intuitive user interface
• Fast, comfortable, and customizable treatments

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For Providers

Treat skin in a fraction of the time with BBL HEROic by Sciton.

Bring award-winning technology into your practice and discover the difference in patient satisfaction and ROI.

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BBL HEROic – The Future of Skin Health Is Now

BBL HEROic – Back Treatment – Thermal Time-lapse

BBL HEROic – Shoulder Treatment – Thermal Imaging

Before & After Transformations

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Courtesy Sherrif F. Ibrahim, MD, PhD

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Courtesy of Sherrif F. Ibrahim, MD, PhD

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Post BBL HEROic Body | 2 tx

Courtesy Sherrif F. Ibrahim, MD, PhD

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