Part II: 10 Tips To Build a Thriving Aesthetic Practice With Sciton’s Resurfacing Lasers

May 16, 2023—Have you read our previous blog post, Part I: 10 Tips to Build a Thriving Aesthetic Practice with Sciton’s Resurfacing Lasers?

If you haven’t, check it out here. We went over 5 keys to help you build a profitable aesthetic practice with Sciton’s comprehensive skincare systems. This week, we present the remaining 5 tips to help you gain a competitive advantage in today’s burgeoning medical aesthetics market.

Tip 6: Leverage the power of social media: Promote your business

It’s no surprise that social media was one of the top 5 leading factors in influencing a patient’s decision to have a cosmetic treatment.

In 2021, 78% of patients followed their current or potential provider on social media. And more than half of consumers believe that a provider’s social media presence impacts their decisions to schedule an appointment.1

But not all providers are reaping the enormous benefits of marketing their business on social.

Despite the rise in social media engagement, only 15% of plastic surgeons post content on social media daily, compared with 70% of millennials engaging on social media numerous times each day. This discrepancy represents an untapped area that could benefit patients and plastic surgeons on multiple levels.2

If you’re not marketing your business on social, what’s stopping you?

Tip 7: Hire marketing experts to take your business to the next level

Cultivating an active social presence in today’s digital age is necessary for growing a lucrative aesthetic practice.

But seeing good results can take time, effort, and patience.

If you lack the necessary experience or don’t have the time—invest in experts who can help promote your business, attract new patients, and maximize your earnings.

With Concierge Marketing by Sciton, a dedicated social media expert will become an extension of your practice—helping you expand your social reach and grow your practice with proven and effective branding strategies, consultation training, personalized content that fits your unique brand, and printable design and creation.

Sciton customers who subscribe to Concierge Marketing have reported an increase in patients from social, ROI growth, and improved client satisfaction. Learn more today.

Tip 8: Spend more time on the consultation

Nothing will make you more money than a consultation that blows your prospective clients away. According to Kathy Taranto from Mint Aesthetics, consultations bring in the most business by demonstrating your expertise to potential customers.

Pro tip: Consider bundling stacked treatments during your consultation. As a Sciton owner who offers the best, let your patients know you’re combining several award-winning Sciton treatments for the most efficacious and thorough results.

To avoid overwhelming or intimidating prospective patients, some providers prefer to market their ScitonStaX™ combination treatments, such as BBL HERO and HALO, or serial treatments (more than 1 HALO, for example) as a “Sciton treatment” delivered over 1-2 sessions.

Tip 9: Show & Tell: Share a wide variety of B&As

B&As can be a helpful tool to attract and convert prospects, especially for practices that capture their own patient photography. Ideally, B&As should be high-quality and accurately represent a patient over multiple visits.

Pro tip: Show prospective patients others that look like them by using a variety of skin types for your B&As. Post your B&As on your practice’s social channels.

Tip 10: Tap into your best resource: Your Sciton team

At Sciton, we’re fanatical about providing support to our customers. Our sales consultants, clinical trainers, marketing experts, and service team are committed to guiding you through every step of your Sciton journey—from the initial sale to the lifetime of your Sciton system.

Rely on your Sciton team members for the most up-to-date treatment offers, new product launches, and educational resources to take your practice to the next level.

Bonus tip: Join the world-famous Sciton Rockstar Experience Tour

Have you attended one of Sciton’s Rockstar Experience events? If not, you may be missing out on one of the most dynamic events in medical aesthetics! Hear from acclaimed thought leaders, industry partners, and medical professionals during two incredible jam-packed days of edutainment (entertainment + education), inspiration, and innovation.

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1The American Society for Dermatologic Surgery’s (ASDS) 2021 Consumer Survey on Cosmetic Dermatologic Procedures

2Aesthetic Surgery Journal: The New Era of Marketing in Plastic Surgery: A Systematic Review and Algorithm of Social Media and Digital Marketing