Our Story

Sciton, Inc., located in Palo Alto, California, is a privately owned medical device company established in 1997 by co-founders James Hobart, Ph.D., and Daniel Negus, Ph.D., who left Coherent Medical (the largest laser company in the world at the time) to start a new laser company that was completely self-financed.

Sciton was established with a focus on long-term results and making both patients and physicians happy. Sciton’s innovation, from Erbium lasers to dual flash-lamp technology, helped to improve concerns of existing treatments by increasing efficiency, minimizing downtime, and enhancing patient results.

Sciton offers a more lucrative business opportunity with training, education, and a support team behind it. Their wide range of products solves aesthetic and medical challenges in ways that other companies cannot — all from a single platform that allows a provider to offer multiple procedures with one investment and small additional add-ons.