Celebrating 10 Years of Innovation with the World’s First Hybrid Fractional Laser, HALO®

March 27, 2024This April 4th marks a significant milestonethe monumental 10th anniversary of HALO’s journeyand what a remarkable ride it’s been!
From the very start, you’ve elevated the success of aesthetic practices around the globe and improved the lives of hundreds of thousands of patients and counting. Your legacy of innovation and excellence continues to inspire and propel us forward. In this blog post, we celebrate you, HALO, and the remarkable impact you’ve had on the field of laser medicine.
Continue reading for a look into HALO’s history, the innovative design features that distinguish it from other lasers in its category, and the top reasons to upgrade your practice with this iconic treatment today.

How did it all begin?

Over a decade ago, an idea began to crystallize in Sciton’s R&D think tank at the company’s headquarters in Palo Alto, California. Recognizing the advantages of non-ablative wavelengths, Sciton set out to create a hybrid laser that could deliver both an ablative and non-ablative treatment at once.

In April 2014, following extensive development and rigorous prototype testing, the world’s first hybrid fractional laser launched at one of the industry’s largest exhibitions, the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), where it received widespread recognition for its ability to offer customizable treatments for various skin conditions.

HALO emerged as the next evolution in Sciton’s renowned Erbium (2940 nm) product line, a development shaped by the thoughtful input of Sciton’s clinical experts, laser physicists, and engineers, as well as feedback from providers and patients.

Reflecting on HALO’s inception, Robb Brindley, Sciton’s Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing, sheds light on the vision behind the innovation. “When we released HALO, we wanted a non-ablative fractional laser with minimal downtime. We needed to move into what patients really want, which is minimal downtime experiences with meaningful, impactful results.”

“We took two wavelengths and multiplexed them, meaning they fired into the same channel near the same time. We had our 2940 traditional erbium wavelength, along with the 1470 non-ablative wavelength, and we hybridized it. That’s what coined the term hybrid fractional laser. We quickly realized the compound effect that these synergistic wavelengths would create. Not only would patients experience a meaningful tissue response, but HALO also had true corrective capacity with minimal downtime. In fact, much better results than other fractionated lasers, including those with greater downtime and less flexibility like fractionated CO2. We love that.”

Early success stories and a multi-center Institutional Review Board study (IRB) confirmed what Sciton already knew.

HALO was the first laser of its kind to deliver exceptional results without the downtime associated with traditional ablative lasers. It offered a highly customizable treatment for all skin types, delivering reliable results and maximum return on investment (ROI).

HALO’s combined ablative and non-ablative wavelengths, customizable settings, and proprietary design features soon established it as the gold standard laser treatment for skin revitalization. From addressing superficial sun damage and textural issues to deeper complexities like acne scars, dermal pigment, and wrinkles, HALO’s power proved to be unrivaled in improving the appearance of skin.

A decade later, HALO continues to be meticulously handcrafted in Palo Alto alongside Sciton’s other award-winning devices and platforms, maintaining unmatched quality and reliability.

Scientific backing: Research validates HALO’s efficacy

HALO has been featured in numerous published studies, substantiating the treatment’s reputation for efficacy and patient satisfaction.

Published in the Journal of Drugs and Dermatology, one study explored the effectiveness of a hybrid fractional laser for treating photodamaged skin in female participants, averaging 52 years old, with Fitzpatrick skin types I-IV. Results showed that 80% of the participants had significant skin improvements and unanimous satisfaction with the treatment and outcomes.1

The study found that HALO yields results comparable to ablative treatments but with the quick recovery time associated with non-ablative procedures. Patients preferred the HALO laser due to reduced post-treatment discomfort, the option to apply makeup within a day after treatment, and shorter peeling durations. 

Another study, “Hybrid Fractional Ablative and Nonablative Laser Resurfacing of Actinic Keratoses,” published in the Journal of Dermatologic Surgery, found that HALO effectively resolved actinic keratoses on the body without any adverse effects. Patients reported high levels of satisfaction following the one-time treatment, which involved minimal recovery time. Additionally, there were noticeable cosmetic enhancements in the patients’ skin tone and texture.2

What technological innovations set HALO apart?

The HALO laser was designed with several distinctive features. 

One key innovation, known as “Dynamic Thermal Optimization,” continually monitors the skin’s temperature and relays this real-time data directly to the system, enabling automatic adjustments in energy delivery to prevent issues such as over-treatment.

Additionally, HALO achieved a breakthrough as Sciton’s first product to incorporate a roller mechanism. This development significantly increased the speed of treatments, a key benefit valued by providers for its substantial impact on ROI. Faster treatment times increase patient throughput, boosting the practice’s overall productivity.

HALO’s user-friendly design also incorporated built-in suction and cooling capabilities. With both tubes directly attached to the handpiece, there was no longer a need for an extra technician or patients to hold the tubing. HALO’s streamlined design not only enhanced procedural efficiency but also improved patient comfort during treatments.

HALO’s customizable settings empowered practitioners of all skill levels to tailor treatments to individual patient needs, making HALO a versatile option suitable for patients of all skin types with a wide range of skin conditions. 

Today, HALO maintains its reputation as a trusted and reliable laser treatment, remaining popular among patients and providers for its versatility and proven results.

Photo caption: Recovery diaries highlight the consistent healing experience following HALO treatments. Whether delivering a 10% or a 30% density treatment, the recovery remains the same, ensuring providers can set realistic and reliable patient expectations.
You had me at HALO: Patient and provider testimonials

Providers and Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) worldwide champion this ground-breaking technology for its corrective results.

Dr. Jason Pozner, MD, FACS, a board-certified plastic surgeon in Boca Raton, Florida, attests, “With HALO, I can achieve results that I would have only expected from an ablative laser, but with downtimes that I would normally see with a non-ablative laser. It really is the best of both worlds.”

Echoing this sentiment, Dr. Sherrif Ibrahim, MD, Ph.D., a board-certified dermatologist in Rochester, NY, says, “Once you recognize the power and versatility of HALO, it will quickly become the most utilized tool in your practice. Capable of achieving so much with such a short recovery time, it eliminates the need to purchase multiple devices and establishes itself as the smartest investment for your practice.”

Erin Blackwell, LE, CLT, owner of EnlighteU and licensed esthetician and laser practitioner at Aya Medical Spa in Atlanta, GA, shares, “HALO changed everything for my patients. I was able to offer resurfacing-like results with very little downtime and commitment from my patients. HALO quickly became my patients’ favorite treatment, and word traveled fast based on the beautiful and dramatic results they received. HALO is my go-to for all skin types, challenging cases, and anyone who has concerns with aging. This is why, 10 years later, it’s still my favorite treatment.”

HALO’s endorsement extends beyond professionals. Patients, bloggers, and celebrities openly share their HALO treatment experiences on social media, spreading widespread recognition of this iconic treatment, along with Sciton’s other brands, including MOXI™and BBL® HERO™.

RealSelf.com, a leading review site for cosmetic procedures, includes hundreds of positive HALO reviews, along with before-and-after images and day-by-day HALO laser recovery pictures. Patients have even coined the phrase “HALO glow” to describe their flawless complexion after treatment.


Why should I integrate the HALO laser into my practice?

Let’s explore a few compelling reasons for adding the HALO laser to your practice.

Rapid growth and demand for energy-based aesthetic devices: The global medical aesthetics market, valued at 127.11 billion in 2023, is anticipated to experience an annual compound growth rate (CAGR) of 14.9 % from 2024 to 2030.4 This creates a strategic opportunity to invest in devices that contribute to the overall growth of your practice.

High consumer brand recognition and demand: HALO’s strong brand recognition extends beyond just word of mouth. This hybrid fractional laser has earned numerous accolades, including:

  • 2023 New Beauty: ‘Best Multitasking Laser’
  • 2019 MyFaceMyBody: Anti-aging Treatment of the Year
  • 2018 New Beauty: The Best In-Office Treatments that Get Results
  • 2017 New Beauty: Best Anti-Aging Laser Treatment
  • 2016 New Beauty: The Most Effective Laser for Glowy Skin
  • 2016 RealSelf: Best Minimally Invasive Facial Laser

Skin revitalization for all skin types: HALO simultaneously targets the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, acne scars, enlarged pores, skin dullness, and pigmented lesions on all skin types. Clinicians who perform HALO achieve a visible improvement in the appearance of aged or damaged skin, often in just one to two treatments, surpassing other non-ablative resurfacing treatments.


Optimal ROI and lucrative net revenue: HALO not only boasts high patient satisfaction but also stands as Sciton’s highest net revenue fractional procedure. Insights from Sciton iQ™, a proprietary, real-time treatment analytics system, reveal that HALO customers generate, on average, 4x their monthly lease payment in HALO treatment revenue and earn 59% higher revenue per treatment than top facial laser competitors. 

Recent iQ data reveals that the twenty-five highest-earning HALO accounts in the US generate over $20,000 in monthly revenue.5 Contrary to the expectations that such figures would be exclusive to corporate chains or large practices in metropolitan areas, these thriving practices are in various suburban and urban areas in states such as Ohio, Washington, North Carolina, Michigan, and Montana. This shows that the potential for success is achievable in nearly any location, given the universal appeal of HALO treatments to a broad patient demographic.

Exponential results and earnings with ScitonStaX™: Combining HALO with other award-winning Sciton treatments on the JOULE® or mJOULE™ multi-application platforms, such as MOXI™, BBL® HERO™, and ProFractional™, increases revenue while dramatically improving patient outcomes. SctionStaX, Sciton’s exclusive brand for its combination therapies, synergizes multiple modalities on a Sciton platform, delivering stunning outcomes, often in a single session.

A reviewer on RealSelf.com enthusiastically shares her treatment experience with HALO and BBL HERO

“I get HALO’s every year and have been for 4 years, and I’m always very happy with the results, but the results on this one are INCREDIBLE!! Not sure what happened this summer, but those sunspots were very obvious, and boy, do they make you look OLD! I don’t avoid the sun; I’m a boater, but I do apply plenty of sunscreen. I went to the Dr. for a HALO/BBL on my face and chest, I had both at the same time, and well, I’ll let the pics speak for themselves … ”

Click here to see this patient’s day-by-day HALO laser recovery photos.




Profitable and reliable systems: Designed, manufactured, and assembled by hand at Sciton’s company headquarters in Palo Alto, California, Sciton systems are synonymous with longevity. An impressive 96% of all systems have remained in service over the past 10 years. This unwavering commitment to quality ensures that your investment endures the test of time.


A bright future awaits with Scition’s award-winning treatment brands

At Sciton, we remain committed to pushing boundaries, exploring novel treatment combinations, and refining protocols to keep our treatments at the forefront of clinical excellence.

As we celebrate a decade of innovation, we take pride in the countless patients whose lives have been improved with the HALO laser. We look forward to HALO’s continued success as it paves the way for future advancements in laser technology.

Elevate your practice and revitalize your patients’ skincare regimens with Sciton’s HALO laser today! Get started here.



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2 Brown, Megan M. MD; Ortiz, Arisa MD. Hybrid Fractional Ablative and Nonablative Laser Resurfacing of Actinic Keratoses. Dermatologic Surgery 45(3):p 468-470, March 2019. | DOI: 10.1097/DSS.0000000000001569.

3 Grand view research: Aesthetic medicine market size & trends

4Data from Sciton iQ™ is for illustrative purposes only and is not a guarantee. Not all systems are iQ enabled.