Grow a Profitable Laser Hair Removal Business With Sciton’s BARE HR™ Platform

May 30, 2023—If you’re looking to grow a comprehensive aesthetic practice, bring in more prospective patients, and maintain a loyal patient base—offering an ultra-fast laser hair removal treatment for patients of all skin types, may be the solution.

Laser hair removal continues to be one of the most popular, non-invasive services for both men and women—reigning in the top three requested aesthetic procedures in the last decade. 1

It’s also one of the most consistently growing categories in the aesthetic market, valued at $1063 million in 2022 and projected to grow rapidly—with beauty and dermatology clinics as leading sectors.  Key trends guiding the industry’s growth include increased awareness of the safety and efficacy of laser hair removal devices and advancements in technology, such as blending modalities. 2

If you’re not offering laser hair removal services or haven’t had success with your current device, now may be the time to invest in Sciton’s most powerful hair removal system—BARE HR™.

Read on to explore the key features distinguishing BARE HR from other laser hair removal systems today.
Partner with a company that believes ‘results matter’

If you’re already a Sciton customer with the JOULE® or mJOULE platforms’ award-winning consumer brands like BBL®, HALO®, or MOXI™, achieving outstanding results for your patients is the norm.

Sciton’s newest laser hair removal device is no exception.

In 2021, Sciton launched BARE HR—its first high-speed laser hair removal system for ultra-fast, efficacious hair reduction on patients of all skin types, all year round.

The response from patients and providers was overwhelmingly positive. One year later, BARE HR was recognized with New Beauty’s 2022 Best of Beauty Innovation award.

Expand your menu of services and welcome a new demographic

Did you know laser hair removal can generate more prospective patients for your practice, potentially opening the door to a new patient base that includes the fastest-growing millennial and prejuvenation demographic, as well as men? 3

Statistics show that while the 30 to 54-year-old demographic dominated the laser hair removal market throughout 2021, considerable growth is also expected in the 13 to 29-year-old segment.3

Nurture your first-time hair removal patients into loyal customers

Laser hair removal is considered a “gateway treatment” for first-time patients who often go on to seek additional aesthetic procedures. 4 These procedures may include high ROI laser and light treatments, such as Sciton’s BBL® HERO™, HALO®, and ProFractional™, as well as Botox®, fillers, and non-invasive body shaping procedures.

Clinicians who operate a comprehensive aesthetic practice that includes laser hair removal are more likely to retain a loyal customer base than those who do not. Practices not offering the service may experience customer attrition over time, specifically when patients choose another provider that offers laser hair removal, injectables, and other in-demand services. 4

If you’re not offering laser hair removal services, speak to an expert today about growing your patient base with BARE HR.

Choose a gold standard diode-based hair removal device

BARE HR is a diode-based laser known for its reliability, long-term durability, and high peak power. It’s an exceptional choice for long-term hair reduction in patients of all skin types.

Numerous studies, including one study by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), found diode lasers effective for people of various ethnicities with Fitzpatrick skin types I-VI.5  

Treat large body parts in less than two minutes

Do you and your staff dread leg, back, or full-body hair removal appointments?

If so, you’re not alone. Here’s what one laser hair provider who switched to the BARE HR system had to say about treating large areas in the past.


Renowned for its rapid treatment of large areas, BARE HR has been proven 3x faster and more effective than common competitor devices.6

The device effectively treats a full back and legs in mere minutes—with its 4800 watts of power delivered through extra-large spot sizes.

Keep patients comfortable with built-in system cooling

A top priority for most practitioners is patients’ comfort during and after treatment.

Unlike other devices, BARE HR’s pre, parallel, and post-treatment sapphire contact cooling at 5 degrees C is built into the system—enhancing patient comfort throughout the procedure and minimizing post-treatment downtime and possible side effects.

Perform thorough and consistent treatments at lightning-fast speeds

BARE HR allows providers to achieve complete coverage of the treatment area in fewer sessions—a great benefit to practices and patients.

The device’s rectangular spot sizes cover up to 1.6x more surface area than competitive devices with round spot sizes. Rectangular spot sizes also eliminate gaps in coverage or “zebra stripes”—stripes of skin with visible hair reduction followed by ones with hair growth.

Photo caption: BARE HR’s rectangular spot sizes treat more thoroughly than round spot sizes.
Customize your platform to meet every patient’s needs, year-round

Configuring your BARE HR system is completely customizable.

The system features two handpieces that deliver the traditional 810 nm wavelength and a unique blend handpiece that simultaneously delivers 810, 940, and 1060 nm wavelengths.

The 810 nm wavelength, available in a 30mm x 9mm and a 30mm x 17mm handpiece, allows providers to perform rapid-fire treatments.

The proprietary blend setting is ideal for patients with darker skin tones or tanned skin (Fitzpatrick 4-6 skin types) all year, including summer.

Integrate laser hair removal seamlessly into your practice

BARE HR’s software was created to provide the most user-friendly experience—including an easy-to-use touch screen that enables easy delegation of treatments to staff members (check your state’s regulations before delegating treatment). BARE HR can be easily integrated into any practice with a standard 110V outlet.

Users select between two treatment modes on all handpieces—comfort and speed—based on their patient’s evolving needs. Comfort mode is perfect for first-time hair removal patients who may be pain adverse as well as those with:

  • Darker skin tones
  • Recent tan
  • Sensitive skin
  • High density of dark or thick hair follicles
Improve patient flow and maximize your ROI

BARE HR isn’t just a gateway procedure to get more prospective patients into your practice. Sciton’s exclusive hair removal system can triple your ROI, fix scheduling bottlenecks, and even get your staff excited to perform large areas again.

BARE HR’s record-breaking treatment times increase the likelihood that providers will sell larger areas, such as the legs, back, and full body, which are more profitable. This high-speed platform can also optimize a practice’s patient flow, resulting in significant time savings.

For example, if a provider can complete a full leg treatment in 5 minutes with BARE HR’s super-fast speeds, they can fit two or three leg treatments in the same hour or allot time for other high ROI cosmetic procedures—potentially tripling their ROI.

See how integrating BARE HR into your practice can improve your patient flow, maximize your ROI, and increase your practice revenue significantly over time.

Interested in a demo?

Experience the fastest and most powerful laser hair removal system today. Speak to a sales consultant to learn more about BARE HR.



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