Robb Brindley On Why ‘Sciton Owns Skin’

October 30, 2023—Why is Sciton known as the ‘Bentley of Lasers?’ What makes Sciton devices stand out in today’s market? Why do providers rate a Sciton laser as the number 1 best investment?¹

In episode 84 of The Technology of Beauty podcast, Pioneering the Luxury Brand Segment Within Laser Medicine., podcast producer, host, and renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Grant Stevens, M.D., F.A.C.S, interviews Robb Brindley, Sciton’s Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing. This engaging discussion dives into how Sciton is redefining the standard of skin health with its range of premium ‘first-class luxury products,’ BBL® HERO™, HALO®, MOXI™, and Contour TRL™.²

Brindley started his career with Sciton more than 20 years ago when he was hired as a territory manager in Minnesota by his father, the late Bob Brindley, one of the first salesmen and influential culture shapers at Sciton. Brindley’s loyalty, resilience, hard work, and love for Sciton propelled him to where he is now—leading the company’s sales and marketing teams with extraordinary passion and creativity to benefit the aesthetic industry on a global level. 

“In life, there are no shortcuts for your biggest goals, and there’s absolutely no substitute for what loyalty, hard work, resilience, and love can do for your career,” says Brindley in an Instagram post

The formula for Brindley’s success and his advice to other sales and marketing professionals starting a career in aesthetics is to “hustle, never quit, treasure your relationships, and always respect those you serve.”

Keep reading for an inside look with Brindley into Sciton’s brand power, culture, and industry-leading impact that have established it as a top medical aesthetics device company today.

The Technology of Beauty podcast producer, Dr. Grant Stevens, interviews Robb Brindley, Sciton’s Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing.

Pioneering the luxury brand segment in laser aesthetics

“Everyone wants to offer and own the best brands that money can buy, and so that’s our commitment, and that’s truly the prospective patients considering devices like Sciton. They know that what they’re receiving is the best of the best for their skin.” Robb Brindley

Premium tequila, luxury handbags, performance cars, you name it. Everyone wants to offer their customers the best products and brands that money can buy, and Sciton is no exception.

Founded in 1997 by Dr. Jim Hobart, Ph.D., founder of the laser conglomerate Coherent, and Dr. Dan Negus, Ph.D., Sciton has evolved into the world’s largest private medical aesthetics device company today, earning a reputation for its exceptional ‘made in the USA’ laser and light-powered devices.

“At Sciton, we’re pioneering the luxury brand segment within laser medicine,” says Brindley. “Back in the day, before we had our brand position, you didn’t necessarily want to be known as the luxury brand laser because then you’re more expensive. Well, fast forward to where we are today, everyone wants the best.”

Luxury consumption is particularly high among the emerging 25-40 year-old millennial patient segment. A study released in 2022 found that almost 40% of spending on luxury goods came from people making $50,000 per year or less.³ Younger consumers, regardless of income, are rejecting constant consumption in favor of higher-end premium brands,³ and that includes ‘best in class’ skin revitalization brands like HALO and MOXI.

Another study by the American Medical Association, Cosmetic Surgery Procedures as Luxury Goods, found that the increased price of common cosmetic procedures led to increased demand. According to the study authors, as price increases, consumers don’t substitute the next best good or service available at a lower price but elect to pay more for what they believe is the best.4

“With Sciton, you have an opportunity to offer a one-of-a-kind luxury brand to the patient that they can feel good about, and then you can also capture a very healthy treatment return [on investment] that is completely worth it for the patient and their skin,” says Brindley.

Consumer-recognized power brands


At Sciton, it’s not just about making the best technology but creating technology that has powerful consumer-facing branding behind it.

“We have tremendous organic patient growth for our providers and customers through our branding, and it’s something we’re very committed to and super proud of,” says Brindley.

Patient demand for the best services and products, a younger, more informed patient demographic, increasing awareness and acceptance of aesthetic treatments, and the rise of social media influencers all contribute to the boost in organic patient growth for Sciton’s consumer brands.

Today’s prospective patients are not just younger, they’re savvier and more discerning when choosing aesthetic skin procedures. Many conduct extensive research online and seek out sought-after treatment brands and providers by name.

Unsurprisingly, Google search trends show rising numbers of online searches for Sciton treatments. In 2022, there was a 900% increase in search demand for MOXI™, Sciton’s skin polishing prejuvenation laser treatment, with keywords like “MOXI laser” and “MOXI facial treatment” in the lead. In the past year, search data reveals two million searches for Sciton’s consumer brands like BBL®, HALO®, and MOXI™.

Patients, bloggers, and celebrities like Kim Kardashian are openly sharing their Sciton treatment experience on social media with their followers—a shift contributing to the widespread recognition of Sciton’s brands, including MOXI, BBL, and the well known HALO laser, famous for giving patients that ‘HALO glow.’

“When we released HALO 12-13 years ago, we wanted to have a non-ablative fractional laser with minimal downtime. We needed to move into what patients really want, which is minimal to no downtime experiences with meaningful, impactful results,” Brindley says.

“We took two wavelengths and multiplexed them, meaning they fired into the same channel pretty much near the same time. So, we had our 2940 traditional erbium wavelength, along with the 1470 non-ablative wavelength, and we hybridized it. And that’s what coined the term hybrid fractional laser. When we launched HALO, we had no idea that the synergy between these two wounds would not only give the patient a meaningful response but that it had true corrective capacity with minimal to no downtime. In fact, much better results than other fractionated lasers, including those with greater downtime and less flexibility like fractionated CO2. We love that.”



Best pulsed light device for full body rejuvenation: BBL® HERO™


Within the light-based category, there is nothing like BBL Broad Band Light… and it has to do with our passion and our design elegance, which comes from our R&D think tank in Palo Alto, Dan and Jim [our founders], and Rick Menefee [Sciton’s head of R&D].” Robb Brindley.

Sciton’s BroadBand Light (BBL®) device, one of the company’s foundational technologies and best-selling treatments, is another brand making big waves in the aesthetics world.

BBL employs high-intensity, pulsed light, similar to other Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) devices, but with novel design innovations that allow for enhanced precision and customization in treatments.

Brindley recalls, “When we first developed BBL, we developed it to be the best-pulsed light device in the category. I think that speaks to Sciton. We’re never the first rooster to crow, but we keep a close eye on established technology that our customers wish to offer, and then we make it the best.”

Staying true to its commitment to ongoing product evolution and enhancement, in 2020, Sciton launched the next generation of BBL technology with HERO (High Energy Rapid Output). Referred to by clinicians as the ‘holy grail in skin rejuvenation treatments,’ providers can achieve the appearance of younger-looking skin anywhere on the body, often in fewer treatments with BBL HERO.

“During the pandemic, we launched BBL HERO, where the cooling and the speed at which it operates makes it now possible to treat full bodies head to toe in the blink of an eye,” says Brindley. “When people have beautiful glowing skin from their chin up, they want to take that skin to the rest of their body. With BBL HERO, you have the opportunity to open up full body rejuvenation for healthy, glowing skin from head to toe. You can treat large areas like the full arms, legs, or back in minutes.”



High-quality, tunable, and delegatable technology

Sciton devices are built to last—and built to outperform the latest skincare fads.

Customers who purchase Sciton’s JOULE® or mJOULE™ platforms know they’re investing in a system for the long term. According to Brindley, over 90 percent of Sciton devices ever built are still clinically relevant and in use today.


Skin resurfacing treatments, such as Contour TRL®, HALO, and MOXI, can be tuned for light or deep polishing depending on the patient’s desire for downtime and skincare goals. Sciton treatments like ClearSilk® and MOXI can easily be delegated to trained staff members.

“Sciton’s devices are known for their elegant design features, which are easy to use and delegate but offer tunable technology for more seasoned professionals,” says Brindley.

Multiple treatments on a single platform

Purchasing one or two high-quality systems with multiple treatment modalities, including a compact and portable platform like Sciton’s mJOULE, is one benefit of owning a Sciton platform.

Providers can custom-build their Sciton platform with laser and light-based modalities that can be used alone or stacked together to successfully address the appearance of aging skin, photodamage, scars, vascular skin concerns, unwanted hair, and more.

ScitonStax™: Sciton’s exclusive stackable treatment brand


Patients today are looking to address a combination of skin concerns with minimal recovery time. Stacking treatments is today’s method for resolving multiple skin concerns while saving patients time and money, optimizing outcomes, and increasing practice revenue.

“We created a brand called ScitonStaX™ for all of our combination therapies so that our customers could differentiate themselves from the myriad of other providers out there that are offering diluted combination therapies, knowing that it’s coming from a premium device,” Brindley says.

StaX pairs two or more synergistic modalities on one platform to deliver outstanding outcomes, often in a single session. Providers can choose to combine Sciton treatments based on the patient’s skin condition, skin type, and available window for potential downtime.

Praising Sciton as ‘the best laser company’ in a recent Instagram post, Dr. Ann Marshall, MD, owner of Ann Aesthetics in Edina, MN, says she stacks her Sciton treatments to enhance results and accomplish more than one task in a single procedure.

Her favorite StaX treatment? MOXI and HALO. “MOXI gives you a polish and makes you appear poreless with glass-like skin, while HALO gives you an amazing glow while lifting and tightening,” Dr. Marshall says. “It’s a one-two punch for [the appearance of] anti-aging, collagen stimulation, and giving you the skin that you want.”

The best live event in aesthetics: Sciton’s Rockstar Experience

“We really wanted to come up with something that enabled us to provide tremendous value to our customers, tremendous value to the market and the industry, but doing so in a format where you could let your guard down, you could have fun, you could dance, you could sing, you can get after it … We call it ‘edutainment’. It’s a perfect synergy and blend of education and entertainment value.” Robb Brindley.

Sciton’s Rockstar Experience is a live two-day event spanning multiple cities across the globe. This year, the Rockstar Experience is touring 17 cities and 5 countries, including Brisbane, Toronto, and New York City. Guests explore the latest aesthetic trends and treatments from the best minds in laser medicine.

“We have 13 of the best minds, 13 speakers in the Rockstar experience, and they put forward so much content. The best way to help people learn and absorb all of that is to make it fun. Our premier goal is to put together the best live educational experience in the industry.”

Speakers include acclaimed practitioners from around the world, such as Dr. Chris Robb, MD, Ph.D., a dermatologist in Nashville, TN, Dr. Sherrif Ibrahim, MD, Ph.D., a dermatologist in Rochester, NY, Lourette Du Toit, CEO and owner of Dermatology skincare clinics in South Africa, and many others.

Every Rockstar event promises a unique and unforgettable experience. From beats spun by the famous DJ RIPM to an interactive wall to share event photos, and Plinko, a nod to the iconic game of chance from “The Price is Right,” guests are guaranteed an enjoyable time. To conclude the day, a networking reception is held where all attendees can engage directly with the top minds in laser medicine and the business of beauty.

A company culture built on serving others

“Aaron Burton is our CEO. What Aaron has done at Sciton and how he’s led our company and how he’s led our culture forward is [remarkable]. I can’t even do it justice to say how he’s helped take us from being a passionate family business to a juggernaut that is leading the aesthetic sector when it comes to lasers and medicine.” Robb Brindley

Aaron Burton, Sciton’s CEO since 2018, has dedicated his career to pushing boundaries and motivating teams to reach new records. His vision for the future is about maintaining the Sciton culture while forging forward with a growth mindset, says Dr. Hobart, one of Sciton’s founders.5

“What I always talk about is mindset, hustle, and serving others. The way people look at the world and the way a leader looks at the world is really important. If you look at the world and you think the world is terrible, it’s hard to be a good leader and motivate people and bring optimism and excitement,” Burton says.6

Sciton’s culture is built on the founding principle of ‘Do the right thing’ while serving others, both team members and customers, with integrity and excellence. Values such as selflessness, hard work, and objectivity are espoused by Burton and Sciton’s leadership team.

“Good leaders are people who serve people. They have a servant’s heart. It’s just natural for them to want to help their people. Ultimately, what comes from that is people want to help you back. People will run through a wall for you when they believe that you’re looking out for them.”6

Burton goes on to say, “People want to see their leaders work hard. You can’t be someone who doesn’t roll up their sleeves and just sits back and gives orders and bosses people around. To me, that’s the difference between a manager and a leader. So, I always talk about working hard, and people need to see you work hard. “Every day when I walk into my office, I’m thinking about getting my mind right, working hard, and going and serving people. That’s my job.”6

For more wisdom on building and fostering a corporate culture with Sciton’s CEO, Aaron Burton, tune in here.

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